Renovating your telephone kiosk – advice from the Painting and Decorating Association



Equipment needed

  • A step ladder (to paint the top of the kiosk)
  • Red gloss paint and undercoat (provided by BCF member)
  • Gold paint (provided by BCF member and included in your kit from the CHT)
  • Sandpaper - P80 is ideal
  • A mask (for use when sanding) *
  • Wire brush – useful but not a necessity
  • Paint brush – a sash brush is best
  • Paint brush cleaner
  • Masking tape - useful but not a necessity
  • “Wet Paint” signs



  • Health and Safety – be sure at all times that you are working in a safe environment.
  • Clear any foliage
  • Remove the metal door handle
  • Clean glass panels with a damp cloth
  • Use sandpaper (P80 or P60 is best, depending on the coarseness required) to prepare the paintwork.  A wire brush will help make the job quicker but take care to keep the wire brush away from the glass panels.
  • Wipe surface down with a damp cloth
  • If you like, put masking tape around the glass panels before applying undercoat – but do not put paint or masking tape on the sealant.
  • Stir paint thoroughly and pour in to a clean container before use.  Don’t paint straight from the tin.
  • The undercoat / primer is suitable for use on both the wooden door and the rest of the kiosk which is metal.
  • Apply a single coat of undercoat, remembering not to overload the brush.
  • Allow to dry overnight.
  • Apply the red gloss paint, and then when thoroughly dry, paint the crown using a fine paint brush, with the gold paint provided.
  • A step ladder will be needed to prepare and paint the TOP of the kiosk – again, take care that you are working in a safe environment.
  • 90% of the work is in the preparation, and with good preparation, your paintwork will last for up to ten years.  
  • Remember to take a before and after photograph and email to to show in BCF’s library.



* Note that if you are renovating your kiosk, you should take adequate precautions as the old paint may contain lead. Further advice on removing old lead paint can be found at

Coatings are the most looked at, yet overlooked products around. And not only has this renovation turned what was a village eye-sore in to a beautifully restored telephone kiosk, it also spreads the message that in that telephone kiosk is a fully working defibrillator, which could help save a life.

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